By Alli Kauffman | September 13, 2018

Our Dauphin County locations include two outpatient clinics and one children’s services program office. Our treatment providers and staff in Dauphin County work together to ensure that adults, children and families have access to the behavioral health services they need.

548 South 17th Street, Harrisburg, PA   //  (717) 695-7919   //   view location page & services

Located in a residential area of downtown Harrisburg, 17th Street is within walking distance for many of the adults, children and families it serves. 17th Street hosts a diverse team of treatment providers who work together to create a safe place for clients with a variety of backgrounds, interests and beliefs.

As one of our larger locations, 17th Street offers mental health counseling, drug & alcohol treatment, the women’s behavioral health clinic, various services for children and parents and services in Spanish.

4918 Locust Lane, Harrisburg, PA   //  (717) 671-9610   //   view location page & services

Harrisburg (Locust Lane) provides a quiet and laid-back environment alongside schools, churches and neighborhoods. Its treatment providers offer seasoned experience and varied styles of treatment approaches. Harrisburg (Locust Lane) specializes in mental health counseling, drug & alcohol treatment, women’s behavioral health services and psychiatry. Additionally, this location houses one of our most unique and ever-changing therapy offices.

Arlene Rosen, an outpatient therapist at Harrisburg (Locust Lane), decorates her office with keepsakes from all over the world.

200 South Progress Avenue, Harrisburg, PA   //  (717) 526-4881   //   view location page & services

Dauphin County Children’s Services hosts a variety of treatment providers that are always running in and out of the office to provide treatment in the school, home and community. Although most team members at children’s services operate at their own pace, the entire team works together to make sure the families they serve come first. Dauphin County Children’s Services specializes in behavioral health rehabilitation services (wraparound services), family-based therapy and multisystemic therapy (juvenile justice).

People are valuable.

Therefore, PCS exists to help children, adults and families discover their greatness.