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Our master’s level internships are great at helping individuals gain experience while working toward a degree. Through this internship track, we offer clinical training opportunities in certain outpatient locations for students who are pursuing their master’s degree in the human services field.

About the Program
How to Apply

We offer clinical training opportunities in specific outpatient locations for students who are pursuing their master’s degree in the human services field. Our clinical training program is centered on our group therapy services and allows the trainee to transition from observation to co-facilitation of therapy in a group setting. The majority of group therapy sessions observed focus on substance abuse treatment. Interns will also have the opportunity to observe the intake process as appointments overlap their training schedule.

Other training-related activities include but are not limited to:

  • weekly individual supervision with a master’s level clinician
  • practice completing clinical documentation
  • participation in group clinical supervision
  • graduate level trainings focused on a variety outpatient therapy skills
  • case conceptualization
  1. Visit Select “Master’s Level Internship” under Employment Type. Then click the Search button. Positions may be available in Lancaster, Dauphin and Lebanon Counties.
  2. Review the position description and requirements in terms of your individual program expectations and then submit your application. All clinical training hours are completed on-site at the assigned location.
  3. After submitting your application, forward your résumé and cover letter to Ashley Hilliard, Director of Master’s Level Internships, at

counties we serve

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